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1 Million Women May Sue Walmart

Ouch!On Monday, federal courts ruled that thousands of female Walmart employees can sue the mega-retailer over allegations that men got paid more to work at the company. Now that the ruling was approved, as many as 1 million women could be involved in the class action suit. Yikes!Walmart believes th

$3.8 Million Of Counterfeit Gucci Shoes Seized!

r. A spokesperson from the CBP says that, "CBP is Charged with enforcing trade laws and we continue to devote substantial resources to target, intercept, detain, seize, and forfeit shipments of goods that violate these laws."Thank goodness!P.S. Can they just throw a few our way???? Pretty please! Or

Adele Looks Fierce On The Cover Of Glamour

t out with him, he seems like a right laugh." But Dating isn’t easy for the curvaceous beauty, she adds:"I've been on a few dates with celebrities but I don't like it. You go out and everyone looks at you both. I'm not going to say who. We go to really established places that know how to keep

Anna Talks About Fashion's Night Out

Anna Wintour was on CBS' The Early Show to plug the one hour prime time special on Fashion's Night Out as well as the success of this year's event.Check out what Vogue's HBIC had to say in the clip, above!P.S. The Fashion's Night Out special airs tonight on CBS!

100 Years Of Style

To celebrate the opening of a new Westfield Shopping Centre in East London, this video was created to showcase the ever-evolving style of fashion. We've got 100 years in just about two minutes.You don't want to skip this!

9,000 Jobs To Be Lost From Tanning Tax

t tanning tax passed, which starting in July will Charge indoor tanners an extra 10% for getting their bronze on, many businesses are preparing for the worse. Now that tanners will be less likely to fork over the extra ca$$$h for the service tanning salons are expected to not only lose business, but

Alexander McQueen Is An Open Book

arder." He also divulged that he recently started Dating a porn star who he met over the internet.Saucy! [Image via WENN.] McQueen To StreamiPod Returns With Super Rad New Features!Heidi Klum Is Still The Body, Coming Out With Her Own Sexy Book!Tyra Banks Expands Her Self-Promotion EmpireA Phrase Y

Anna Wintour Talks McQueen

As we mentioned earlier this week, Anna Wintour was on hand to unveil new details about the Alexander McQueen exhibit coming to the Met in May.Following the press announcement, Anna chat with the BBC about Lee's legacy.Check out what see had to say in the clip (above)!

A Dress For Cher-ity!

thenticity of the gown.What's even better is that 100% of the proceeds will go toward providing stable and structured education in the earthquake damaged country.Bidding starts at $1,000 but we have a feeling that price will soar before the auction ends on May 14th!CLICK HERE to check out the auctio

Alicia Designs Bags For ecoTOOLS

as a celebrity partner. Plus, we bet she doesn't Charge much! We just wish that the bags themselves weren't so… fug. Still, good luck on the endeavor! JC Penney And Mango Join ForcesNow You Can Monogram Your Preppy Garb Online!Bono And Nike Partner UpVegetarians Unite! Stella Teams Up With M

Amanda Seyfried Graces The Cover Of Glamour

en though I can't get that thing open myself." On Dating Dominic Cooper and Ryan Phillippe: "Dominic and I were together for such a long time, so the coverage was always positive. But when you've just started seeing someone and that person is really famous, it's more of a story. When I was with Ryan

Are Fashion Sites Taking Advantage Of Lindsanity's Twitter???

an's life by paying her to tweet about certain webSites.Coincidentally the latest sponsored tweet was just hours before La Loca got the book thrown at her by Judge Marsha Revel.Inneresting.Ad.ly, a company that shells out money to celebrities to tweet-vertise, says "advertisers plan their campaigns

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