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$32MM Is Chump Change For Kate Moss

tays at the Ritz whenever she's in town. After 34 years in London, Kate feels it's time for a break - and cannot wait to immerse herself in the Parisian way of life. She found a gorgeous penthouse apartment in the most fashionable part of town - and immediately put an offer in, and paid the requisit

100 years Of Style

the ever-evolving style of fashion. We've got 100 years in just about two minutes.You don't want to skip this!

19 Year Old Designer Presents At Paris Fashion Week

designers can say they showed a collection by 19 years old?This guy can!Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço sent his fashion talents down the runway during Paris Fashion Week and we must they guy is talented.Check out the collection in the clip, above!What do U think of Pedro's work???

51 Surgeries To Look Like That?!?

t else to call it.Nileen Namita has spent over 20 years of her life trying to make herself look like Egypt's Queen Nefertiti. In fact, Namita has spent around $300,000 on facial plastic surgery to look like the Beauty of the Nile.Talk about being a loca determined!! And the 49-year-old and mother o

6126 Prez Defends Lindsanity's Crappy Job At Ungaro

every meeting on time. She's very engaged. In two years, she's never let me down. She's never not returned an email or phone call… She has a heart of gold. She just needs people to believe in her."Never say never, Kristi!But lets be honest, what other emails would Lindsay have to respond to? C

A 10 Year Old With A Passion For Fashion

ppropriate one at that.Cecilia Cassini is only 10 years old, but is already a hit with young fashionistas.This girl sews, designs and picks out her own fabrics all while barely hitting double digits!Crazy!Check out the designing prodigy in the clip, above!

A Designer Lunch Date

wo enjoyed your meal.Hard to imagine Calvin is 67-years-old.He's looking great![Image via Buzz Foto.]

A Few More Pieces Of Flare

e pre-Gaga: "Partying and vanity was my religion. years ago, I spent whole afternoons shopping for eyelashes." On her early aesthetic inspirations: "Clubs were like my libraries, club kids were my text books" On how her mother fueled her fashion obsession: "It was a marveling experience watching her

A Glimpse At Kanye's New Line!

ly has some lookbook images after what seems like years of fruitless hype. The rapper first made mention of the line back in 2006, so the photos have been a long time coming. And while there are only a few, we actually like what we see. The jackets, especially the gray and beige one, are really hand

A Pill That Will Help You Smell Better???

he research stage so you might have to wait a few years.Though in the mean time, they've released an ad for the pill. Check it out above and then share your thoughts with us below.

Abercrombie & Fitch To The Sitch: We'll Pay You To Not Wear Our C...

is name by selling "The Fitchuation" t-shirts two years ago.BUT if they're going to pay him, we say take the money![Image via Mario & Luigi/WENN.]

Adrienne Maloof Talks New Shoe Line — "The Higher The Heels The ...

uo;Charles Jourdan - an iconic brand for over 100 years - had come up to me and said, ‘We love your style. Would you like to do a capsule collection with us?’ And of course I said yes.” Fashion and style have also been a part of Adrienne’s life since childhood. Reveals Maloof

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