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11 Year Old Girl Has The Smelliest Shoes In The US!

earing HipstersEmpire State Of ShoesBaby Slings Recalled! Posted: March 25, 2010 at 12:30 pm Share | Email this | Permalink emailThisAnswer('53855'); CloseFrom:To: To: To: To: Message: Sign up to receive CocoPerez newsletter Tweet

Armani Anywhere, Anytime

Armani has just announced its very hot endeavor. And no, we're not talking about the Megan Fox undie ads.The luxury clothier has created an online e-commerce application to work on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other advanced phone devices. With the platform, users can purchase the items from new

call girl mobile number shah alam

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A Not So Foxy Megan Fox Covers Allure

: The tally of F-bombs during this interview: 24. number published: 6. On ‘ignoring’ Seth Rogan during Jimmy Kimmel Live: "That was accidental! All I wanted to do was get to my chair and sit down and hide if I could." On food: "I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for mysel

Being An Abercrombie Model Is Rough

e also given $13/day for food.Harsh.The ad agency shahid & Co even monitored what the models ate and drank as well as their workouts. An agency supervisor even kicked out model Florian Van Bael after he ate a croissant at the wrong time.Seriously!?This company needs to start treating their empl

Abercrombie Heads To Paris

Paris is about to get some new eye candy!Abercrombie & Fitch has announced they're setting up shop in the French capital next summer.The retailer hopes to open in May or June of 2011 and are already on the prowl for good looking employees.We're sure that won't be hard to find. It's Paris!

15XL Underwear Coming To A Bum Near You!

d to go bigger after the receiving a butt load of calls from women around the world saying they were too small.To solve the problem the mother/daughter duo created a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL panty.Yes, that's 15XL!!!The supersized undies can now fit women who wear a size 74 dress and have an 8.75ft waistlin

2012 Will Be The Year Of Tangerine Tango

magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy."Wow. girlfriend knows her adjectives!

Brigitte Continues To Impress

amazing and quite youthful at last night's Vertu mobile phone launch in London.Whatever she had done, it was definitely worth the $$$.[Image via WENN.]

A Phrase You Never Hear: Sales Are UP For Jeans

coming out next year! [Image via Ability Films.] numbers Speak Louder Than WordsBuy The Upcoming Runway Looks Online!R.I.P.American Apparel To Lay Off Over 1,500 PeopleBarneys Seeks New Ownership Posted: September 7, 2009 at 10:00 am Share | Email this | Permalink emailThisAnswer('46872');

Maxim Releases Its List Of The Top 100 Hotties

sica Alba 22. Rihanna 23. Brittany Snow 24. Sarah shahi 25. Britney Spears 26. Kate Middleton 27. Michelle Trachtenberg 28. Lea Michele 29. Sofía Vergara 30. Amanda Bynes 31. Evan Rachel Wood 32. Emmy Rossum 33. Dania Ramirez 34. Avril Lavigne 35. Kim Kardashian 36. Brooklyn Decker 37. Zo&eum

Blotchy Blake Goes To The Ball

he bust. What's the story? It looks like she has calamine lotion on chicken pox! More likely, she used a cover-up that was several shades too light for her skin tone, but what on earth is she covering up? It's a shame, because she looks great otherwise, but the splotches are distracting and detract

5 Year Old Katie Is The New Tavi

ild movement happening in fashion right now". Basically they're talking about you, Tavi.At least Katie's a lot cuter and more put together than Grandma Tavi.What do U think of the child blogging phenomenon???[Image via Racked.] Kelly Tries To Sexy It UpGet In Bed With Edward & JacobWhere's The Fash

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