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Conde Nast Turns Down Vogue Africa Idea

Vogue publisher Conde Nast has turned down cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya's campaign to make Vogue Africa a reality.Epanya went all out in his quest to get the magazine published by creating fake covers as well as producing other images that would fill the pages of the African glossy.Kind of

Introducing: Butch Clothing Company

There's no need for butch lesbians to shop at the mens store because there's finally a clothing company just for them: the Butch Clothing Company.The company has been 25 years in the making for owner Shaz Riley, but now that dream has become a reality. She says of her new business: "All those years

cameroon lesbians in douala

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First Lady's Hair Is Crayzay

Now that's some big hair!Check out cameroon's First Lady, Chantal Biya with Paris Hilton at the African First Ladies Health Summit.The First Lady's towering orange do looks like it gives her an extra 6" over the heiress.We can only imagine what this lady goes through on a daily basis to get her hair

cameroon lesbians in douala