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(Safe) Sex Sells!

to work with Reyes. We truly believe our fashion partnership with further our goal of empowering women and making it second nature to carry condoms."Designers Alexander Wang and Yigal Azrouel have also created peen protectors for Proper Attire.Safe sex is super important, but chic safe sex is even

90210 Teams Up With Bebe

ices ranging between $59 to $159. Not too bad.The partnership marks an unprecedented collaboration between bebe’s creative design team and 90210’s producers and wardrobe stylists.Check out three of the outfits above. We’re actually loving Annalynne McCord’s look.What do U thi

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A Closet That Would Make Carrie Bradshaw Jealous!

Before building the closet Marks and her business partner Lisa Frantz measured every item to create an individual space. $175,000 later the anonymous lady has a dream closet that holds 400 pairs of designer shoes, dozens of handbags and drawers of sunglasses.Wow.The designing duo are already moving

Abercrombie Is The Worst!

At least that's what Corporate Responsibility Magazine is saying.In the mag's April/May issue they plan to publish a black list of the worst companies, which not surprisingly includes Abercrombie & Fitch.The list was compiled by the company's transparency, or what information A&F provides

Alexander McQueen Is An Open Book

nd when I got off the plane I went straight to my partner's work and I said, 'We're over', I finished with him, and I started cleaning up my business. And I've never been happier. I work much harder." He also divulged that he recently started dating a porn star who he met over the internet.Saucy! [I

Alicia Designs Bags For ecoTOOLS

be the choice for ecoTOOLS to work as a celebrity partner. Plus, we bet she doesn't charge much! We just wish that the bags themselves weren't so… fug. Still, good luck on the endeavor! JC Penney And Mango Join ForcesNow You Can Monogram Your Preppy Garb Online!Bono And Nike partner UpVegetar

Alicia Keys' Jewelry Pops Up

any new business ventures would be a jewelry line partnership. And even though her designs won't be launching until 2010, she's still lending her support to create buzz at an upcoming pop-up event. We're sure having a new album coming out in December has something to do with it! On November 23rd and

American Apparel Teams Up With Big Bird

research on American Apparel because the two are partnering up to produce a line of limited edition t-shirts for the show's 40th anniversary.Earlier this year, the folks over on the Street reached out to the clothing company and presented them with their complete catalog of graphics. leazy CEO Dov

American Apparel Teams Up With eBay

ber.When asked about the reasoning behind the new partnership, CEO Dov Charney explained:"There are more than 30,000 searches for American Apparel on eBay each month and right now those customers are not buying from us directly. I’m excited to connect that demand with our vertically integrated

Angelina Jolie's Working On A New Jewelry Collection

roceeds will benefit Angelina's charity Education partnership for Children of Conflict.[Image via WENN.]

Angelina Opens Up To Marie Claire About Her Relationship With Brad

onship trouble rumors by chatting up her love for partner Brad Pitt.Says Angelina on her relationship with Brad: "He's taught me to be more patient and to enjoy everything that we have. When I met him…I didn't want to get pregnant. I always wanted to adopt, but I never had the desire of experi

Angelina Was Too Big For St. John

When you're flipping through the glossies this year, you'll no longer be seeing Angelina Jolie posing pretty for St. John.According to CEO Glenn McMahon the actress "overshadowed the brand". We're guessing that's a nice way of saying she didn't help sales.For 2010 they "wanted to make a clean break

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