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(Safe) Sex Sells!

Brian Reyes is showing his sexy side, but strangely enough, not through his gorgeous clothes.Apparently, sophisticated frocks aren't the only trick he has up his sleeve.This morning at New York Fashion Week, the designer debuted his new line of Proper Attire condoms! The designer created the packag

A Tasty New Photo From GaGa's Coffee Table Book!

Terry Richardson has a strange obsession photographing people while they're eating.James Franco, Crystal Renn, Lindsey Wixon and now Lady GaGa.The photo (above) is from GaGa's coffee table book featuring photos shot by Uncle Terry and it's making our tummy rumble!If you're hungry for more, you'll ha

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Agy Gets Her Michael On

he late Michael Jackson, from the sublime to the strange, but this is one that's just plain chic.Photographed by Terry Richardson and styled by Bazaar's Brana Wolf, our girl Agyness Deyn channels MJ (and it's surprisingly spot on, considering she's a white, blonde, british girl).Ferosh! The Anti-Ph

Agyness Deyn's Sheer Genius At The ACE Awards

d added a pop of color with a yellow clutch.In a strange kind of way this look works for Aggy. We're loving her new hair too![Image via C Smith/WENN.]

American Apparel Ads: Wear Our Clothes, Get Laid

American Apparel is no stranger to controversy! But this time, it isn't about a nasty letter to a contest winner or an alleged pervert of a CEO. This time it's simply about their newest, racy ad campaign. Up above you'll see our favorite — a man with a woman's legs spread eagle as he holds the

Ann Taylor Pulls A Victoria's Secret

Ann Taylor, who is no stranger to Photoshop fails, is at it again.This time around they've chopped off their model's arm a la Victoria's SecretIt's OK girl, Marisa Miller knows how you feel![Image via Ann Taylor.]

Anna Vs. Anna: Who Wore It Best?

Anna Wintour is no stranger to being a repeat offender when it comes to her wardrobe. Who doesn’t love to wear their favorite dress often?Though when you’re famous and being photographed by the paparazzi, it makes it a bit more difficult to recycle outfits.However, Anna didn’t let

Anna Wintour Is Expensive!

st-cutting measures.A source said, "It does seem strange when you're that far down in ad pages that you don't at least say you're cutting back. For God's sake, give it lip service!"Anna, don't cut off your nose to spite your face! [Image via AP Images.] The Fashionistas Come Out For AnnaDrama at Vo

Are You Hot Enough To Work For American Apparel?

This is gross, but not surprising. Charney's no stranger to controversy, and with his pervy ways, he kind of invites it. The American Apparel frontman has been the subject of multiple sexual harrassment lawsuits and allegations from both employees and acquaintances, and openly acknowledges that he

Ashton Smells Like Demi's Ex

Could a relationship be any more strange?To celebrate the launch of his new fragrance, Bruce Willis gifted Ashton Kutcher some of his cologne as a joke.Unfortunately for him, the joke blew up in his face because Ashton actually likes it. And so does his ex-wife Demi Moore!A friend of the threesome s

Bad Hair Day, Leighton?

new flickCountry Strong, posed for pictures in a strange multi-colored Emilio Pucci mullet dress.At least her shoes were cute, we'll give her that.[Image via Getty Images.]

Bar Doesn't Diet, But Only Eats Salad

ong with it, but call a spade a spade. This is a strange trend among famous women - the desire to fool the public into believing that their beauty and physique is pure luck or God-given. If that were us, we'd be making sure everyone knew how hard we worked and how much we gave up to look that good.

gay boy nha trang