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High-End Helmets From Unkle Karl!

ered in mink, the helmets were designed with iPod hookups and were safe enough for practical use. But, for whatever reason, the helmets never hit the stores, and it was beginning to look like the protective-headware would never be available purchase. That is, until now. The helmets have just been ma

"The Armani Of Armor", Miguel Caballero

st in some. Check out the Caballero's video above with a fashion show, as well as demonstrations of the garb in action! Twilight Goes To Hot TopicAudrey Hepburn's Clothes Going To AuctionKim Tries Being Nicole Richie, FailsDita Looking Fierce At Gaultier Retiring From The Runway Posted: October 5,

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$32MM Is Chump Change For Kate Moss

tays at the Ritz whenever she's in town. After 34 years in London, Kate feels it's time for a break - and cannot wait to immerse herself in the Parisian way of life. She found a gorgeous penthouse apartment in the most fashionable part of town - and immediately put an offer in, and paid the requisit

Abercrombie Kids Sells Padded Push Up Bikini Tops!?

ep in mind Abercrombie Kids is aimed at girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 14.One mommy blogger went off on parenting website Babble, writing:…Even the use of the word 'push up' is unbelievably inappropriate. The push up bra is, effectively, a sex tool, designed to push the breasts up an

Justin Timberlake And Anna Wintour Make Small Talk During Fashion Week

squo;s show, Timberlake entered with rumored past hookup, Ashley Olsen. And though the two sat in the same row, there was some lady seated between them and onlookers revealed JT and Ash didn’t speak the entire time.But when it came down to Anna Wintour, the hottie made some small talk as she a

$1350 Diamond Lashes Now Available At Barneys

ty is now selling $1350 false eyelashes encrusted with diamonds set in 18kt gold.The falsies are available upon request at Barneys or you could always light your money on fire and get the same result.

$65 Million In Jewelry Stolen In The Largest Jewel Heist In Britain's ...

A 50-year-old man was arrested Wednesday in London in connection with the largest jewel heist in Britain's history. The heist occurred last Thursday when two men in their 30s walked into Graff Jewelers in central London and, threatening employees with handguns, stole $65 million dollars worth of jew

Adidas Wookies Out With Star Wars Inspired Clothes!

We're not even remotely close to Fanboys and we still want these!They are intergalactic and also FIERCE!Check out Adidas' new line of Star Wars themed apparel, due out this Fall and Winter! Yes, your eyes do not deceive you - that's an AMAZEBALLS Wookie-inspired winter coat, and Jabba the Hutt snea

$3.8 Million Of Counterfeit Gucci Shoes Seized!

h have an estimated wholesale worth of $1,963,520 with a retail value of $3,851,520, were coming from China, disguised as home decor. A spokesperson from the CBP says that, "CBP is charged with enforcing trade laws and we continue to devote substantial resources to target, intercept, detain, seize,

1 Million Women May Sue Walmart

onclusion", hope to be in court by the end of the year.Thoughts???[Image via AP Images.]

All The Fashion From The Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere!

s red and blue frocks nicely.And then there's the boys.Robert Pattinson (in Gucci) and Taylor Lautner (in Alexander McQueen) went for colored suits while Kellan Lutz practically disappeared against the carpet in his all black Dolce & Gabbana getup.Kinda boring, but at least they're nice to look

$54,000 Of Ugly

he creative director at Louis Vuitton has come up with the ugliest, overpriced backpack EVER.The LV New Age Traveler costs a mind boggling $54,000.Where the eff did they come up with that price!?Would U pay that much for this thing??? LVMH Wins Against eBayThe Devil Pisses Off The ItaliansYves, The

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