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A Real housewife Really Making Jewelry Now

Kelly Killoren Bensimon, the obnoxious newest member of The Real Housewives of New York, is using her reality show celebrity to make her a little more moolah, and releasing her very own jewelry line (how original). Bensimon worked with Mouawad (the brand that also worked with Nicole Richie for her

"A Novel Way To Cover MacBook"

re looking to disguise your prized laptop or just need a protective case, this is perfect for you - retailing from $79-$99!Whether sitting on a coffee table, dorm room or desk, BookBook looks like a vintage piece of literature, not an expensive laptop.We love this case!

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A Windswept Eva Longoria Covers Allure

end her downtime enjoying the view. The Desperate housewife, who's getting a Masters in Chicano studies, brought a textbook on set to flip through between looks.Smarty![Images courtesy of Norman Jean Roy / Allure.]

"The Armani Of Armor", Miguel Caballero

be honest: chances are, if you actually feel the need to have stylish and subtle bulletproof clothing, you likely have the dough to invest in some. Check out the Caballero's video above with a fashion show, as well as demonstrations of the garb in action! Twilight Goes To Hot TopicAudrey Hepburn's

Another Black Gown For Eva Longoria

e tonight at the Golden Globes.The sexy Desperate housewife showed off her girls on the red carpet in a Zac Posen mermaid gown.There's no denying Eva looked hot, BUT we've already seen a strapless version on Lea Michele more than 6 months ago.It also would have been nice if she wore a color rather t

6126 Prez Defends Lindsanity's Crappy Job At Ungaro

one call… She has a heart of gold. She just needs people to believe in her."Never say never, Kristi!But lets be honest, what other emails would Lindsay have to respond to? Certainly not any that concern her acting or singing career![Image via WENN.]

Behind The Fog With Eva & Tony

Once again, Desperate housewife Eva Longoria and her baller hubs Tony Parker are the faces of London Fog's ad campaign for the spring.The pics were shot by the same photog as their original campaign, Nino Muñoz, at Milk Studios in El Lay.We just can't get over how tiny Eva is! And how big

A Bag With Balls!

a tiny pierced peen and balls that look like they need to get to the doctor fast!Thoughts???

Bethenny Frankel Goes From Booze To Skin Care

Former Real housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel is making her foray into the world of skin care with Skinnygirl Body Solutions.The creator of Skinnygirl Margaritas and Sangria partnered with Lotta Luv for the line, which will debut at select Walmart in November.There are 30 products in total and

A Code Of Conduct For Models In The Works

Amazing!Former model Sara Ziff is once again fighting for model's rights.Following the September release of Picture Me, a film that exposed the ugly side of the modeling, Ziff is hard at work developing a code of conduct for models.The Columbia University senior explains:"The modeling industry is es

Beverly Hills housewife Robbed At Soho Grand

e hotel's refusing to take any responsibility!The housewife says:"I had four purses valued at just over $8,000 including two Christian Louboutins, one Louis Vuitton and one Chanel. Those were my signature bags. Boy do I feel violated. They told me I should have put my purses in the room's safe. Come

A Cologne For The Trekkie In Your Life

you, too!Ponn Farr perfume for women is "all you need to drive your man (or men) wild. Because having is not always as pleasing as wanting!" Talk about obsessed! Maybe Zachary Quinto has a bottle?

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