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A Beard Claims Another Celebrity

ight FloatBeards Are In?Posh Supports Her Trekkie husbandEva Sings Posh's PraisesVictoria Beckham Is Not Too Thin And She Wants You To Know it Posted: October 7, 2009 at 11:00 am Share | Email this | Permalink emailThisAnswer('48003'); CloseFrom:To: To: To: To: Message: Sign up to receive C

A Real Housewife Really Making Jewelry Now

Kelly Killoren Bensimon, the obnoxious newest member of The Real Housewives of New York, is using her reality show celebrity to make her a little more moolah, and releasing her very own jewelry line (how original). Bensimon worked with Mouawad (the brand that also worked with Nicole Richie for her

husband and wife at lesbian massage parlor videos

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Amanda Seyfried Graces The Cover Of Glamour

On In Time co-star Justin Timberlake: "Oh, only a lesbian or a straight man could resist the Trousersnake. Justin really is unique, but he has a difficult life. I mean, he can't walk down the street anymore and that’s such a shame because freedom is everything." On seeing a therapist for her a

A Makeup-Free Mrs. Humphries Enjoys Her Weekly Mani-Pedi

oyed her usual manicure and pedicure as well as a massage.It's a rough life, but somebody's gotta do it.[Image via GSI Media.]

Rico Mugler Adds More Ink To His Collection

s.The walking skeleton stopped by a Warsaw tattoo parlor on Thursday to add some fresh ink to his massive collection.Rico ended up getting some more flesh eating bugs to his legs and foot.Seksi.[Image via WENN.]

"The Armani Of Armor", Miguel Caballero

Taking practical fashion to a whole new level, Miguel Caballero feels strongly that one should not compromise style for safety. That's why the Colombian designer has devoted his career to designing bulletproof haute couture. That's right; Caballero has created lightweight, wearable, and unbelievably

A Closet That Would Make Carrie Bradshaw Jealous!

And us too!A very loving husband gave his wife the ultimate gift: a custom walk in closet fit for a queen Carrie Bradshaw.The retired Long Island businessman hired Sex and the City designer Lydia Marks to transform the 400 square foot guest bedroom into a closet straight out of the movie, right down

A Career In Fashion For JetBlue Diva?

d others who know him from talking.Such as his ex-wife Cynthia Niethamer. And Cynthia is chatting up all about her gay ex-hubby.In fact, she even reveals that he would probably love to have his own clothing line.Says Cynthia:"He'd love his own fashion line. He's a brilliant merchandiser. Actually,

Beth Ditto, A Beautiful Klepto?

woman? “Yeah,” says the longtime out lesbian. “Here I am coming out as straight!”Love, love, love it. But please 'bb, don't steal anymore! Especially from Good Will! We hope you go back and donate to them.

Cindy Crawford Celebrates Her Birthday During A Ski Break

ay on the slopes today! Finished w/ a jacuzzi and massage:)” Sounds like a fun time![Image via WENN.]

A Message For All The Skinny Jean Wearing Hipsters

n though it took away my Privates Funny videos | Spoofs | Funny Animations If you're one of the many fellas out there squeezing into girl skinny jeans, then you MUST watch this.A young man has documented his experience with skinny jeans and how it's taken a toll on his body.So tragic!Watch

husband and wife at lesbian massage parlor videos