"A Novel Way To Cover MacBook"

re looking to disguise your prized laptop or just NEED a protective case, this is perfect for you - retailing from $79-$99!Whether sitting on a coffee table, dorm room or desk, BookBook looks like a vintage piece of literature, not an expensive laptop.We love this case!

2012 Will Be The Year Of Tangerine Tango

vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the FRIENDliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy."Wow. GirlFRIEND knows her adjectives!

"The Armani Of Armor", Miguel Caballero

be honest: chances are, if you actually feel the NEED to have stylish and subtle bulletproof clothing, you likely have the dough to invest in some. Check out the Caballero's video above with a fashion show, as well as demonstrations of the garb in action! Twilight Goes To Hot TopicAudrey Hepburn's

A Designer Lunch Date

designer Calvin Klein is seen having lunch with a FRIEND at Sant Ambreous in the West Village in New York City.We hope you two enjoyed your meal.Hard to imagine Calvin is 67-years-old.He's looking great![Image via Buzz Foto.]

6126 Prez Defends Lindsanity's Crappy Job At Ungaro

one call… She has a heart of gold. She just NEEDs people to believe in her."Never say never, Kristi!But lets be honest, what other emails would Lindsay have to respond to? Certainly not any that concern her acting or singing career![Image via WENN.]

A Gift For Shoe Lovers

If you're shopping for a shoe obsessed FRIEND or relative this holiday season, Net-A-Porter has the ultimate gift.The fashion e-tailer is offering a shoe subscription. Each month a pair of shoes of your CHOOsing will be sent to that special someone.Sounds nice right? Unfortunately the price isn't. T

A Bag With Balls!

a tiny pierced peen and balls that look like they NEED to get to the doctor fast!Thoughts???

A Handful Of Lindsay For Tyler Shields

antage of her time out of the house and posed for FRIEND and photographer Tyler Shields again in this new "provocative" shoot!And yes, for your information, groping is completely allowed in the name of art! Duh!Check out more shots of Lindsay in the gallery below! P.S. - Hello Spencer Falls! Ha![Ima

A Code Of Conduct For Models In The Works

Amazing!Former model Sara Ziff is once again fighting for model's rights.Following the September release of Picture Me, a film that exposed the ugly side of the modeling, Ziff is hard at work developing a code of conduct for models.The Columbia University senior explains:"The modeling industry is es

A New Trend? Say Hello To Plus-Sized Nightclubs!

And now a little something for our big-boned FRIENDs.A new trend is on the rise of the club scene nationwide: plus-sized nightclubs! As part of the "Fat is Phat," movement, clubs geared for fuller-figured people are springing up across the country. Take, for instance, Club Bounce in Long Beach, CA.

A Cologne For The Trekkie In Your Life

you, too!Ponn Farr perfume for women is "all you NEED to drive your man (or men) wild. Because having is not always as pleasing as wanting!" Talk about obsessed! Maybe Zachary Quinto has a bottle?

A Phrase You Never Hear: Sales Are UP For Jeans

While overall, retailers are seeing declines in their sales, one market is actually prospering: premium denim. Yes, premium denim.The $1.32 billion dollar market actually saw a 5% growth over the past twelve months, while sales in apparel overall fell 5%. True Religion's stock has risen 77% since Ja