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A Few More Pieces Of Flare

eyelashes." On her early aesthetic inspirations: "clubs were like my libraries, club kids were my text books" On how her mother fueled her fashion obsession: "It was a marveling experience watching her get ready for the day. She always looked so much more pristine than all the other mothers. I have

A New Trend? Say Hello To Plus-Sized Nightclubs!

ise of the club scene nationwide: plus-sized nightclubs! As part of the "Fat is Phat," movement, clubs geared for fuller-figured people are springing up across the country. Take, for instance, Club Bounce in Long Beach, CA. Just blocks from the beach, Club Bounce offers heavy set people the opportun

kaliningrad sex clubs

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Australian Event Bans Metrosexuals & Ed Hardy

ok everything that we disliked about going out to clubs and inverted it … no dressing up like David Beckham. We are about creating an environment where people can be comfortable and confident."Lucky for them Jon Gosselin isn't as popular down in Oz, because he would make a much better poster c

Eat & Party With Cavalli

teaming up with Pragma Group to open five Cavalli clubs and 15 Cavalli Cafés over the next five years.Cavalli hopes this new business venture " will further expand the network of clubs for entertaining my followers in some of the most important cities in the world."For now those cities includ

Faux-Equalizer Bottle Is At Least Eye-Catching

it is being distributed for use in pubs and nightclubs across Europe. Sadly, however, the coating doesn't actually light up in response to the music, it only lights up intermittently so as to give the appearance of going with the music.Not as cool as it could be. If they're not selling it retail, t

Gisele's Mystery Man Revealed

er from New York City who also promotes different clubs.More importantly, he’s said to be known for his love of models… hah!We’re sure his relationship with Gisele is purely platonic. Right, Tom?[Image via Fame Pictures/WENN.]

Gucci Gets Technical

of information for hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs in more than 20 major cities around the world. Also included in this section is a list of Giannini's own favorite spots around the world."And, making the whole deal even sweeter, the Gucci Ronson sneakers come with a 12" vinyl featuring tracks

Help H&M Donate To The Boys & Girls clubs

of April and will help benefit the Boys and Girls clubs nationwide.Nice!And as an extra incentive, for those of you who participate in the clothing drive, you'll receive a 20% discount off your next H&M Kids purchase![Image via AP Images.]

Joan Rivers Talks Fashion In A HIGHlarious New Interview

nd I don’t think we’ll go to the same clubs. On the latest red carpet trend: "What they’re starting to do now, which worries me, is they’re all trying to copy Lady Gaga. You want to say to Katy Perry, "You’re beautiful! You’ve got the body, wear a pretty dress.Yo

Kellan Loves His Beanie!

bel's signature beanie to the airport, out to the clubs at night, and doing press junkets for Twilight.Pretty cute! And at $20, a cheap and easy holiday gift to keep your loved ones toasty.We want one![Image via WENN / Mavrix Online.] Dolce & Gabbana Rock Our WorldKris Jenner Moves On To Her Next C

Paris Goes Mod & Moody For V

. In her interview, she talks about growing up in clubs and the "scene" of New York City as a teenager. She explains that "the world" opened up to her at 15 and that's when everything changed. From her "Green Acres meets Clueless character" producers wanted her to "play" on the Simple Life to the bu

Playboy Launches Anniversary Bunny Costume

$$$h!To honor the 50th anniversary of the Playboy clubs, Hugh Hefner has decided to sell limited edition Playboy bunny outfits.However, don't go thinking you can walk up to the mansion and raid the closets. The fluffy tailed piece of cloth is only being sold at UK sex toy and lingerie retailer Ann S

kaliningrad sex clubs