kuching jews

Jessica Stam Supports Galliano By Tweeting & Walking At Dior

'll miss you John, you're so talented. I love the jews and what he said is awful, but also sad to watch him leave Dior.Following the show on Friday, Jessica added:I believe every human being on this earth was created equal. I also don't turn my back on my friends when they're in a dark place #Gallia

Nazi Costumes Pulled From Japanese Discount Stores

people during World War II. Six million innocent jews and millions of other innocents were murdered by the Nazis, including 1.5 million children. In December 2010 Nazism is not dead and the swastika is still deployed as a symbol of hatred against all “non-Aryans” including Asians."Aico,

No Crocs on Yom Kippur!

should not be worn on Yom Kippur. Traditionally, jews don't wear leather on the holiday as an emblem of humility and respect, but Lithuanian Rabbi Elyashiv has extended this rule to Crocs, citing that they are too comfortable to be worn on the day of atonement. The Rabbi said that donning the fugly

kuching jews