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(Safe) Sex Sells!

n partnership with further our goal of empowering women and making it second nature to carry condoms."Designers Alexander Wang and Yigal Azrouel have also created peen protectors for Proper Attire.Safe sex is super important, but chic safe sex is even better! We still think it's sort of strange, but

Behind The Scenes Of STELLANUDE

Looks like Stella McCartney got the OK from the court to use NUDE for her fragrance. You may recall that back in August, Bono's wife company, Nude Brands, tried to stop her from using the word after claiming they had a trademark on the word.Since then, the designer has been working hard on her new d

\"norwegian women nude\"

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1 Million women May Sue Walmart

hat the ruling was approved, as many as 1 million women could be involved in the class action suit. Yikes!Walmart believes the case "presented issues that go far beyond the parties. This formula is reall a recipe for massive litigation against companies around the country", which is exactly why they

Cokate Does Vogue . Again.

Yawn.Kate Moss has once again landed another Vogue cover. But rather than baring all like last month's Vogue Hommes International, she keeps her tittays covered for the readers of the Vogue Paris June/July issue.That re-toucher did a great job on her face.[Image courtesy of Vogue Paris.]

12-Year-Old Designer Wants To Dress Michelle Obama

ner.The tween loves to sketch and sew outfits for women and even won a local fashion competition for one of his designs, beating out high school and college students.So now his current goal is to have the First Lady wear one of his dresses.Mower is heading to Park City, Utah, to try and schedule a f

Kim Tries To Be Posh

Looks like Victoria Beckham has found another celebrity fan.Kim Kardashian made an appearance at Thursday night's 9th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree wearing a black dress from the Victoria Beckham Collection.Posh wore a nude version of the dress back in July and quite honestly we think she did it bett

15XL Underwear Coming To A Bum Near You!

ger after the receiving a butt load of calls from women around the world saying they were too small.To solve the problem the mother/daughter duo created a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL panty.Yes, that's 15XL!!!The supersized undies can now fit women who wear a size 74 dress and have an 8.75ft waistline.Wow.Thoug

More Models Claim Terry Richardson Is A Perv

Terry Richardson is quickly becoming the Tiger Woods of the fashion industry.After two women broke their silence of the photographer's creepy shenanigans, more models have come forward with allegations that echo those before them.One model recalls how Terry behaved while on set of a photo shoot:"I w

2010: The Year Of Turquoise

u partake in the 2010 color saying "I love it for women and I strongly dislike it for men. … If men are to wear blue, they should wear light blue or dark blue."And there you have it. Maybe just don't take it to the extreme like Katie Price.Do U agree with Pantone's choice???[Image via WENN.] P

Stella Launches Sheer Stella

Stella McCartney has launched a follow up to her latest fragrance STELLANUDE. Sheer Stella, is lighter and full of different rose notes, which makes it perfect for the summer. The limited edition fragrance is package in a bottle that was designed by British painter Philip Jones.Cute! A work of art a

7 Jeans Are Baby Bumpin'

Fashionable moms will be delighted to hear that 7 For All Mankind is now offering maternity jeans.There are several different styles, cuts and even some that include an extra belly flap.Prices start at $178 and go up to $225.Thoughts???

Stella McCartney Sued! Did She Steal From Bono's Wife???

Stella McCartney has run into legal troubles!The designer, whose use of neutral colors is virtually her trademark, has logically released a perfume called Nude. Unfortunately for her, however, Ali Hewson, Bono's wife and owner of the company Nude Skincare, is now coming after her for use of the word

\"norwegian women nude\"