Fabio's Selling Locks Of His Hair On Craigslist!

10000 lot of 50 fencing foils, 200 motorbikes, 50 SAUNAs and a $5000 commemorative pizza stone.Think it's a scam or legit???[Image via WENN.]

Look Like A Socialite Without Surgery

surgical treatment starts out with a Far-infrared SAUNA followed by being layered with mentholated compresses while being massaged with a large silicone Slipstream cup.After the aggressive massage the therapist slash masseuse then attempts to "squeeze" the fat out of the body.Is that even possible!?

Tommy Hilfiger Makes Bank Off Of Mansion

bottle wine cellar, an indoor basketball court, a SAUNA, a massage room with a waterfall and a home theater.Damn!The all-American designer originally purchased the home back in 2005 for $18 million, and has been trying to sell it since February 2008, when he moved to Manhattan.Congrats on the real e

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