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A Belt Without The Bulge

This is inneresting.A product called the Invisibelt is an undetectable belt that gives an instant slimming effect. So it's like Spanx minus all that hassle.The $20 belt also claims it keeps your pants from slipping and showing off butt cleavage.Maybe they should send one to Geri Halliwell. We all k

Alba Allure s Readers In August

ring as much as a bathing suit. It's not like I'm naked. I'm not terribly comfortable with being in a bikini, but covering up my genitals is different than not covering up my genitals, at the end of the day. I do see a difference in that, to put it really frankly." On her post baby body: "I can't e

Amber Heard Wears The naked Dress

You may remember Carrie Bradshaw's naked dress in Sex and the City, but it looks like Amber Heard just introduced her own to the world! From the Alessandra Rich Spring 2012 collection, the shimmering, form-sitting nude dress covers all of Amber with the exception of the sexy slit in the black. Amber

Amber Rose Likes Attention - Not A Big Surprise

hat??Not a good look, girl! Just because you look naked doesn't mean you look good. Awful.Kanye, on the other hand looks, presentable. [Image via Ramey Pix.] Kanye and Amber Get Furry In FranceBrand Your Skin With Double Cs???Jersey Shore's JWoww Selling Skanky ClothingGet Married In Your Wedding C

Are Celebrities Magazine Covers Coming To An End???

hat’s why you’re starting to see semi-naked soccer players and a semi-naked Tiger Woods. That’s what it takes to survive in a digital age."He makes a good point. Some celeb articles feel like the same interview as before just reworded!Elle's creative director Joe Zee suggests findi

As If We Haven't Seen It Before

The cover for the October issue of GQ has been released, featuring their Woman of the Year, Lily Allen, sans shirt. On the one hand, it's better than the accompanying spread. From the front, her skin looks pretty and at least they ran a comb through her hair. But what's with the greasy, greasy 'do?

Ashley Greene Brings The Seks For Men's Fitness

Is she trying to make us forget about her nekked picture scandal???Ashley Greene puts her Twilight co-star K-Stew to shame (not that we're surprised) in this spread for Men's Fitness magazine.In the spread the Twilighter dishes on everything about men because sne's gotta one track mind. We like

Brigette's Still Going

e still thinks she looks good enough to pose semi-naked. From the neck down, she looks great. Oh that's right, it only looks like that because she had plastic surgery 2 years ago on LIVE TV!!! Too bad it didn't help her face, but that can easily be blamed on smoking.Brigitte also thinks very highly

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Gorgeous, But Does He Fill Becks's Big Shoes?

We have the first shots from Cristiano Ronaldo's upcoming Armani underwear campaign, and we're having some mixed feelings over here.On the one hand, his body looks bangin, no question. How could it not?? But, just like with Megan Fox's campaign shots, while the new meat is beautiful, we think the

Debenhams Does A Model Christmas

n lingerie! We have a feeling they liked the half-naked-model aspect more than the "helpfulness."Apparently, two thirds of men don't know their partners actual underwear or bra size, so having a body to help them estimate serves as a compass. Or they could just do a little basic investigating and lo

Designer Clothes Banned From Italian Prison

ut the new rules, saying:"My husband will be left naked. He only has designer clothes, and that's not because he's flashy but because they last much longer and are better quality. Why humiliate him? Why force us to buy clothes at street markets?"Here's a reason — IT'S AN EFFING JAIL!!![Image v

Foxy Poses In Her Undies Again For Armani

Just like Crissy, Megan Fox is back for more semi-naked fun as aEmporio Armani lingerie model.While the ad is hot, her Marilyn Monroe tattoo is kind of distracting. It's like she's staring at us!What do U think of the new ad???[Image courtesy of Armani.]

senegal men naked