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Audrina Patridge Works The Red Carpet

she worked the red carpet at OK! magazine's Sexy Singles Party in NYC.Patridge showed up wearing a sexy black dress as she posed for photos.The outfit was a Kenneth Cole New York leather dress which she paired with some strapy stilettos.Overall, a great look on Patridge. We're especially loving her

Bono's Wife Creates T-Shirts For Poverty

ning the Saharan inspired shirts from children in kenya and can be purchased at the UK's Liberty department store.[Image via PNP/WENN.]

Singles in nakuru kenya 15 years old

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$32MM Is Chump Change For Kate Moss

tays at the Ritz whenever she's in town. After 34 years in London, Kate feels it's time for a break - and cannot wait to immerse herself in the Parisian way of life. She found a gorgeous penthouse apartment in the most fashionable part of town - and immediately put an offer in, and paid the requisit

Audrina Patridge's Family Works The Red Carpet

ily affair last night at OK magazine’s Sexy Singles Party held at The Lexington Social House in El Lay.While a few celebs turned up, the Patridge family just invated the red carpet.And in an obvious attempt to gather more publicity for their upcoming reality show, Audrina Patridge was joined b

Elizabeth Berkley Likes To FEED too!

sold is donated to supply lunches for children in kenya. Each bag, handmade in kenya by women and deaf kenyans, feeds two children in kenya for an entire year.You can support the cause by purchasing a FEED bag at Bergdorf Goodman.[Image via WENN.] Bye-Bye Bebe, Hello PH8Anna Wintour Shows Symptoms O

100 years Of Style

the ever-evolving style of fashion. We've got 100 years in just about two minutes.You don't want to skip this!

Demi Moore Smells

Demi Moore is the face of the new fragrance by Helena Rubinstein, Wanted.Watch the advert for the perfume (above).Who knew they could Photoshop commercials????She does look fab, though! Photoshop On SteroidsMiley Speaks On "The Magic Of Photoshopping Computers"Kardashian Creates A Perfume, Becau

Jennifer Aniston Helps FEED

of The Bounty in Queens, NY, sporting the FEED 2 kenya bag, by President George Bush's niece, Lauren Bush. A portion of the proceeds from each FEED product sold is donated to supply lunches for children in kenya. Each bag, handmade in kenya by women and deaf kenyans, feeds two children in kenya for

19 Year Old Designer Presents At Paris Fashion Week

designers can say they showed a collection by 19 years old?This guy can!Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço sent his fashion talents down the runway during Paris Fashion Week and we must they guy is talented.Check out the collection in the clip, above!What do U think of Pedro's work???

Katy Squeezes In One More VMA Ensemble

he same number of outfits on Sunday as she did #1 Singles.Fresh off her three VMA wins, Katy arrived at the House of Hype after party in her 5th and final look of the night that consisted of an Elie Saab blouse and pencil skirt with snakeskin belt and blue heels.We're digging the pink, yellow and bl

Vivienne Westwood Fights Poverty While Saving The Environment

ner provided jobs for over 7,000 people living in kenya who handcrafted the bags out of recycled materials like electrical wiring, tent canvas, aluminum and plastic bags.Dame Vivienne said of the project: "'This is not charity, it is work."Westwood's bags are available on her website and an

51 Surgeries To Look Like That?!?

t else to call it.Nileen Namita has spent over 20 years of her life trying to make herself look like Egypt's Queen Nefertiti. In fact, Namita has spent around $300,000 on facial plastic surgery to look like the Beauty of the Nile.Talk about being a loca determined!! And the 49-year-old and mother o

Singles in nakuru kenya 15 years old