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A 10 Year Old With A Passion For Fashion

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyMove over Noah & Emily, there's a new designer in town! And a much classier and appropriate one at that.Cecilia Cassini is only 10 years old, but is already a hit with young fashionistas.This girl sews, designs and p

Amy Adams Keeps It Casual

After sucking it in all night at the SAG Awards, Amy Adams decided to go easy on herself at the Academy Award nominee luncheon on Monday.Amy strolled into the Beverly Hills event in a white Valentino capsleeve dress and gold Salvatore Ferragamo pumps.There's something so effortless about this look.

tamil family aunties sucking photos

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A Dark Day For V Magazine

use of blackface run much deeper than just a racy photoshoot. For shame!Are you offended by the blackface?? Gaga Will Launch Clothing Line "At Some Point"Get Your Blood Sucked & Look YoungerNot Stylish! Khloe Doesn't Like Her Tramp StampBlake Graces NylonIf You Don't Smile, This Hat Will Poke You I

A Message For All The Skinny Jean Wearing Hipsters

MTV True Life I'm Obsessed with Skinny Jeans even though it took away my Privates Atom.com: Funny Videos | Spoofs | Funny Animations If you're one of the many fellas out there squeezing into girl skinny jeans, then you MUST watch this.A young man has documented his experience with skinny jeans and h

Anna Opens Up To Marie

she said, referring to the recent trend for blood-sucking romance epics. I just loved [True Blood’s] mix of funny, campy and weird." Check out some of the photos from her shoot above. What do U think? Love it or hate it?[Images via Marie Claire.] Miss Jackson Screams For WonderlandPenn Badgle

A Diamond Love Is Forever By Tom Ford

jewelry while getting rather intimate.As for the photos, they’re definitely… interesting. But we’re liking it. Leave it to Ford to go for something different and not mainstream. What do U think of his latest shoot?

A Rhino Tattoo Will Get You A Lifetime Discount At Ecko Stores

Marc Ecko must be desperate for sales and attention.In his latest publicity stunt, Ecko is offering customers a 20% discount FOR LIFE if they get a permanent tattoo of the brand's rhino or scissors.Hardly seems worth it if the discount is only 20%. What do U think of Marc Ecko's tattoo discount???

Christian Audigier Spends The Day With His Harley And His Lady

offee and a quick smoke.The two were also snapped sucking face sharing some intimate kisses. Looks like they had a great time together. We're also glad they both wore helmets. Safety over fashion and comfort!On a side note, when someone rides on the back of a bike doesn't the personal usually wrap t

A Few More Pieces Of Flare

ver for Flare Magazine. And now we have some more photos from the spread and Gagalicious quotes to share with you! Check out some highlights:On living the glamorous life pre-Gaga: "Partying and vanity was my religion. Years ago, I spent whole afternoons shopping for eyelashes." On her early aestheti

A Suite Deal For Betsey Johnson

Wild designer Betsey Johnson is teaming up with the Plaza Hotel in New York to create a suite based on the children's book series Eloise.In the books, 6 year-old Eloise lives in a pink and black striped room on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel.Betsey is definitely a good fit for this project, seeing

Christina Hendricks Does Harper's Bazaar With Uncle Terry

obber themed shoot, which would explain why she's sucking on a piece of jewelry. We're actually surprised how tame this spread is, especially for Uncle Terry. You'd think he'd want to expose Christina's boobs.P.S. Whoever did the cover should be fired for slapping the magazine name over her forehead

A Glimpse At Kanye's New Line!

rst made mention of the line back in 2006, so the photos have been a long time coming. And while there are only a few, we actually like what we see. The jackets, especially the gray and beige one, are really handsome. The jeans look cute too! We're not crazy about the tiger sweatshirt, nor the eques

tamil family aunties sucking photos