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A Dark Day For V Magazine

use of blackface run much deeper than just a racy photoshoot. For shame!Are you offended by the blackface?? Gaga Will Launch Clothing Line "At Some Point"Get Your Blood Sucked & Look YoungerNot Stylish! Khloe Doesn't Like Her Tramp StampBlake Graces NylonIf You Don't Smile, This Hat Will Poke You I

A Diamond Love Is Forever By Tom Ford

jewelry while getting rather intimate.As for the photos, they’re definitely… interesting. But we’re liking it. Leave it to Ford to go for something different and not mainstream. What do U think of his latest shoot?

A Few More Pieces Of Flare

ver for Flare Magazine. And now we have some more photos from the spread and Gagalicious quotes to share with you! Check out some highlights:On living the glamorous life pre-Gaga: "Partying and vanity was my religion. Years ago, I spent whole afternoons shopping for eyelashes." On her early aestheti

A Glimpse At Kanye's New Line!

rst made mention of the line back in 2006, so the photos have been a long time coming. And while there are only a few, we actually like what we see. The jackets, especially the gray and beige one, are really handsome. The jeans look cute too! We're not crazy about the tiger sweatshirt, nor the eques

A Look Inside Coco Rocha's Love Nest

Meisel: "I’ve never liked hanging my model photos in my home, but this is an exception because it almost looks like a painting."Coco also mentioned how her favorite part of her closet is the makeup counter and we can see why. That thing is MASSIVE!Lucky girl![Images courtesy Claiborne Swanson

A Reading By Lady GaGa

in time for the holidays.The book, which features photos taken of GaGaloo by famed photographer Terry Richardson, spans almost a year of her life starting with Lollapalooza in August 2010 and ending with the final shows of her Monster Ball tour.With over 450 photos, we can’t wait to see the fi

A Sneak Peak At Britney Spears For Candie's

Was this one of the "cool photoshoots" Britney Spears was talking about???On the heels of the announcement that BritBrit would be returning as the face for Candie's and Kohl's, her camp released this teaser shot for her upcoming campaign.Really, team Britney? This is the best you could do?Britney lo

A Sneak Peak At Jessica's Makeup Free Marie Claire Shoot

e. Jessica actually doesn't look that bad without photoshop or makeup, but that second shot? It's hard to tell whether or not Jess isn't wearing any product with all that hair in her face! If we were Ken Paves we'd be embarrassed. That windswept look in not workin' for her.P.S. Going bra-less probab

A Tasty New Photo From GaGa's Coffee Table Book!

above) is from GaGa's coffee table book featuring photos shot by Uncle Terry and it's making our tummy rumble!If you're hungry for more, you'll have to wait until November 22nd, when the book comes out.[Image courtesy of Grand Central Publishing.]

A Year In Magazines

y we made a gallery remembering the good, the bad photoshopping, the gorgeous and questionable covers from 2010.CLICK HERE to view 2010's cover girls! CLICK HERE to view 2010's cover girls! CLICK HERE to view 2010's cover girls![Image courtesy of Vanity Fair.]

Abigail Breslin Sheds Her Child Actress Look

4-year-old. Isn't it?What do U think of Abigail's photoshoot for the mag?Love it or hate it?

Adam Opens Up About His Fashion Style

VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity photos | News & Gossip VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity photos | News & Gossip Adam Lambert was recently interviewed and questioned about his life, career, fashion sense, and much more.But we can't get over how hawt he looks!Whoever did h

Tamil nadu saree sex aunties photos