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"The Armani Of Armor", Miguel Caballero

Taking practical fashion to a whole new level, Miguel Caballero feels strongly that one should not compromise style for safety. That's why the Colombian designer has devoted his career to designing bulletproof haute couture. That's right; Caballero has created lightweight, wearable, and unbelievably

A Message For All The Skinny Jean Wearing Hipsters

n though it took away my Privates Atom.com: Funny videos | Spoofs | Funny Animations If you're one of the many fellas out there squeezing into girl skinny jeans, then you MUST watch this.A young man has documented his experience with skinny jeans and how it's taken a toll on his body.So tragic!Watch

A Peek Into The Victoria's Secret Casting Call

Victoria Secret's next angel search got underway at Yankee Stadium - and this clip gives you a look at what all goes down at the casting call.There's quite an array of women that could see themselves walking down the runway including a girl who's very pregnant and America's Next Top Model sexpot rej

Adam Opens Up About His Fashion Style

VH1 TV Shows | Music videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip VH1 TV Shows | Music videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip Adam Lambert was recently interviewed and questioned about his life, career, fashion sense, and much more.But we can't get over how hawt he looks!Whoever did h

Aggy & James Franco Together Again???

rumor has resurfaced!On Monday the actor tweeted videos of Aggy chauffeuring him around Los Angeles.The short videos didn't show anything other than random conversations about apples and pho, but because of their past it has us raising our eyebrows.CLICK HERE to view more videos!

American Apparel Invades YouTube

y're using YouTube. Specifically they've targeted videos featuring pets to promote American Apparel's animal clothing.Oh no! Sexualizing animals too!?AA's web marketing executive says "It would be hard to do an advertisement on the back page of LA Weekly or a fashion magazine for the dog T-shirt."We

Beauty Tips From RiRi's Makeup Artist!

kes the singer look gorgeous for shoots and music videos.Here are some of Karin's tips and tricks: On getting a smoky eye right "On Rihanna I like to blend a smoky shadow out under the lower lash line to enlarge the eyes up and out towards the temples. Again, blending is key to getting this right. I

Behind The Scenes Of Molly Sims' Spring Jewlery Collection

Molly Sims is getting ready to launch a second collection for her jewelry line Grayce by Molly Sims.The triple threat recently shot the spring campaign in Malibu and cameras were rolling to capture her every move on and off set.In the clip (above) Molly talks about her line as well as what inspired

Butchers Warn Against Wearing Lady GaGa's Meat Dress

Although many people have chosen Lady GaGa's infamous meat dress as their Halloween costume, several New Jersey butchers warn that an outfit made of steaks is just a bad idea. Not only will it be expensive, but the meat may not be strong enough to keep its shape as a garment for an entire night. Als

Calling All Young Designers!

you think you've got what it takes, send us your videos to videos@cocoperez.com!

Chelsea Handler Bashes ANTM

Tyra Banks won't be smizing at this.Funny lady Chelsea Handler took time out on her show Chelsea Lately to comment on America's Next Top Model and controversial contestant Ann Ward.We kinda feel bad for Ann. The girl doesn't have a lot of confidence and we're sure this won't help her at all.Check ou

Cindy Crawford Has One Smart Daughter

Cindy Crawford made an appearance on Rachael Ray's talk show yesterday and turns out Crawford's 8-year-old daughter Kaia thinks being a model is a skill-less job.Hah!Apparently Kaia has bigger dreams like becoming a teacher or dancer, with Cindy adding:“She said something really funny. She&rsq

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