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"The Armani Of Armor", Miguel Caballero

ough to invest in some. Check out the Caballero's video above with a fashion show, as well as demonstrations of the garb in action! Twilight Goes To Hot TopicAudrey Hepburn's Clothes Going To AuctionKim Tries Being Nicole Richie, FailsDita Looking Fierce At Gaultier Retiring From The Runway Posted:

China Finds Flaws In Designer Clothing

tries including Italy, France, Turkey, India, and vietnam.As for the Chinese, they're not letting this slide. Instead, officials are fining retailers who sell the tainted clothes and forcing them to remove the items. China will not be fining the designer labels as they're aren't registered as busine

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$32MM Is Chump Change For Kate Moss

tch![Image via WENN.] Lindsay's Behind The Scenes video Should Be A PSALindsay's Latest Cover Causing ControversyKate Knows How To Get What She WantsCokate Is A MessKate Moss Plans To Stuff Her Face For The Paps! Posted: December 15, 2009 at 4:30 pm Share | Email this | Permalink emailThisA

Jane Fonda Persona Non Grata At QVC

yesterday criticizing me for my opposition to the vietnam War and threatening to boycott the show if I was allowed to appear. I am, to say the least, deeply disappointed that QVC caved to this kind of insane pressure by some well funded and organized political extremist groups. And that they did it

$nake$kin Manicure$ Are Expen$ive

There's a new manicure trend slithering its way on to fingernails!The reptilian manicure uses real snakeskin and will set you back $150 to $300 and 2 hours in a chair.Ouch.Or if you're on a budget, go track down a shedding snake and you'll be set.Check out the process in the clip (above)!We

Missouri Man Makes A Quilt Out Of Donated Panties

quilt out of women's panties. 58 to be exact.The vietnam vet, who has more tattoos than teeth, says he was inspired by a magazine.We're guessing it wasn't Martha Stewart Living.What do U think of Louis' quilt? Tweet us your thoughts![Images courtesy of DANNY HENLEY/ HANNIBAL COURIER-POST.]

100 Years Of Style

ew Westfield Shopping Centre in East London, this video was created to showcase the ever-evolving style of fashion. We've got 100 years in just about two minutes.You don't want to skip this!

Model Sues Over Picture In Couples Retreat

f-affection."Even though the 31 year old former Soviet Union native signed a general release at the time the picture was taken, she is seeking $10 million in damages for her "great humiliation, embarrassment, emotional distress, shame, mortification and injury to her reputation and career."We find i

12-Year-Old Designer Wants To Dress Michelle Obama

Such talent!Check out Grant Mower, a 12-year-old from Flower Mound, Texas, and an aspiring fashion designer.The tween loves to sketch and sew outfits for women and even won a local fashion competition for one of his designs, beating out high school and college students.So now his current goa

Y-3's Lumberjack Chic For Fall

ash;you can call it the beatnik generation or the vietnam War generation; we have been called hippies—our generation has been traveling all around the world, by walking. Now the young people don't make this kind of travel. I want to catch this spirit [and give it] back to young people." Innere

5 Year Old Madison Has Curls

Presh!5 year old Madison is branching out from make-up and beauty tips to hair. She recently asked her mom to curl her hair and wanted to share how she got the look.Check out the cuteness in the clip (above)!

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