view of different shapes of vagina

1 Million Women May Sue Walmart

actly why they're going to the Supreme Court to review it.We're sure they are! Could you imagine how much money they would have to shell out!?The women, who are "determined to see this case through to its conclusion", hope to be in court by the end of the year.Thoughts???[Image via AP Images.]

"A Novel Way To Cover MacBook"

case for the MacBook owner looking for something different from all of the others. The BookBook Hardback Leather Case is made exclusively for the MacBook and is available in Classic Black or Vibrant Red.If you're looking to disguise your prized laptop or just need a protective case, this is perfect

A Sneak Peek At Dita Von Teese's Dress Collection!

use is designed to complement a multitude of body shapes, so every woman can celebrate her natural beauty and feel sexy in a gorgeous dress."Dita Von Teese Muse will be sold exclusively at Australian department store David Jones starting in November. US, UK and Europe launches are still in the works

Baldazzling Is The New Vajazzling

witt, men have unfortunately been left out in the vagina-less cold for obvious reasons.Thankfully, this guy has found a way for men to get in on the rhinestone action as well.His name is Phil and ever since he started going bald in 2006, he's been doing all sorts of things to his new found "canvas"

3D iPod Glasses In The Works

your iPod or iPhone, so the user can "relax while viewing image based content on the head-mounted device because he does not have to hold onto the portable electronic device."The patent also mentions that the glasses would have head movement sensors that "can associate a particular head movement wit

3 Boots In 1!

ets you zipper off sections of the boot to create different lengths ranging from thigh high to ankle boots.We can totally see Lindsanity and Kim Kardashian wearing these!U like???

A Sneak Peek At Project D's A/W 2012 Collection

ire to create clothes that appeal to women of all shapes and sizes, to give confidence by flattering the female form in an elegant, grown-up manner."The 15 piece A/W 2012 range will be available at David Jones department stores in February.

Charlie Le Mindu Gets Violent

igs screaming backstage, brides covered in blood, vaginas…full on!"At least it wasn't boring.[Image via WENN.]

5-Year-Old Makeup Guru Shares Nail Polish Tips

u to Madison earlier this year as she shared with viewers some of her makeup tips.Now the 5-year-old has made a new video, this time showing off some fab new nail polishes she’s using.At one point she even accidentally gives the finger to the camera when showing off the nail polish on her midd

7 Jeans Are Baby Bumpin'

is now offering maternity jeans.There are several different styles, cuts and even some that include an extra belly flap.Prices start at $178 and go up to $225.Thoughts???

ANTM Plus-Size Winner Slams Vogue

is blasting Vogue for not including women of all shapes and sizes in every issue.The National Eating Disorders ambassador said of the mag's "shape issue": Great, I applaud Vogue for having a shape issue, but screw Vogue for not having shapes in every issue. It's B.S. It's frustrating. It's infuriat

Cop A Feel From Your Mouse

If the vagina mouse was a little too revealing for your desk, then maybe this is more your style.The iTit, is the latest kinky gadget whose name says it all. The boob shaped wireless mouse allows you to browse the web and with the flick of a nipple!Kinda tacky, but kinda funny.Would U buy one???

view of different shapes of vagina