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Barbie Goes Hollywood

Some lucky "celebs" are being turned into Barbies! The number of new Barbies hitting the shelves seem to be multiplying. First with Christian Louboutin, then that awful Sugar Daddy Ken and now all these.We understand the Heidi Klum and Barbara Streisand because those two are still relevant, but

Cheryl Knows The Way To A Woman's Heart

Cheryl Cole is one good friend!For X Factor co-host Dannii Minogue's birthday last week, Cheryl shelled out nearly $1500 on a pair of gorgeous embellished Christian Louboutin pumps. Dannii, of course, was thrilled, taking to her Twitter account to squeal with glee: "Birthday present from Mrs Cole -

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Cokate Has Boobs & A New Topshop Collection

Where did those come from??? Oh wait, we know. Photoshop!Kate Moss and her magically-appearing rack models her new Topshop Christmas 2009 Collection, which she says are inspired by traditional Japanese and Chinese styles and techniques. We think you got a little too inspired.The 35 year old mode

EXCLUSIVE Photos Of Dolce&Gabbana's Summer 2011 Women's Campaign

Yesterday we showed you some never before seen photos from the set of Dolce&Gabbana's Summer 2011 Men's campaign photoshoot.And now CocoPerez.com is glad to share some exclusive shots from the Dolce&Gabbana set for the Summer 2011 women's campaign by Steven Klein.Again, the images were

Jenna Dewan Designs For PETA

Channing Tatum's wife and PETA's newest face and Jenna Dewan is doing her part to help out the animals by designing his and hers bracelets.The vegan bracelet represents respect for exotic animals and is made of 9 different stones and symbols.A portion of the bracelet sales will benefit the animal

Mel B. Glams It Up Three Times In One Night

We would expect this type of diva behavior from Posh, but not from Melanie Brown.The former Spice Girls singer really pAArtied it up last night in London, even changing her outfit three times!Mel B. was spotted early in the evening leaving the Mayfair Hotel around 6:30pm to attend a Vitamin Water

R-Patz Undies!

This is SOOO naughty, but SOOO funny all at the same time. Oh and we can't forget DISTURBING!Check out these Twilight undies complete with Robert Pattinson's mouth lining the inside of the crotch!!!Hold on twihards, don't get your non-R-Patz panties in a bunch over buying them. As far as we know th

Smell Like A Vagina!

We wish we were kidding.German company Vivaeros has developed a cologne for men (and probably some women) that smells like you guess it, vagina!Head of the company Guido Lenssen says they developed the Vulva Original by taking a combination of urine, sweat, and female arousal from women of all ages.

Who Wore It Best?

Is Rihanna getting some styling influence from Cheryl Cole?Seems that way.RiRi was spotted Monday night in New York sporting a black and red striped hoodie outside the MTV studios.But Cheryl Cole wore what appears to be the same top in her video, Fight for this Love.Looking good ladies, but who wore

www. sekse womans