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A Look At Christy Turnlington's Documentary

ctant mothers in 4 countries: Tanzania, The U.S., bangladesh and Guatemala.No Woman, No Cry is a real eye opener, and is currently still being viewed at film festivals.Check out the trailer for the film, in the clip above.CLICK HERE to view more clips!

11 Year Old Girl Has The Smelliest Shoes In The US!

earing HipstersEmpire State Of ShoesBaby Slings Recalled! Posted: March 25, 2010 at 12:30 pm Share | Email this | Permalink emailThisAnswer('53855'); CloseFrom:To: To: To: To: Message: Sign up to receive CocoPerez newsletter Tweet

A Code Of Conduct For Models In The Works

es have a huge amount of power over international girls because they sponsor their visas." Sara is getting some help from Fordham University's Fashion Law Institute and hopes the new code will create a safer working environment for models.Sounds like a great idea! Hopefully it works.[Image via PNP/W

Armani Anywhere, Anytime

Armani has just announced its very hot endeavor. And no, we're not talking about the Megan Fox undie ads.The luxury clothier has created an online e-commerce application to work on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other advanced phone devices. With the platform, users can purchase the items from new

Adidas Is Socially Responsible

ar to make and distribute sneakers to the poor in bangladesh, following the teachings of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, who coined the "social business model."An Adidas representative explained, "The objective of a social business according to Professor Yunus is solely tackling social issu

15XL Underwear Coming To A Bum Near You!

d to go bigger after the receiving a butt load of calls from women around the world saying they were too small.To solve the problem the mother/daughter duo created a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL panty.Yes, that's 15XL!!!The supersized undies can now fit women who wear a size 74 dress and have an 8.75ft waistlin

A Modeling Show For The Disabled

el, which isn't exactly fair if you ask us. These girls are putting themselves out there to overcome one of the many hurdles in the fashion world. Unfortunately that's just how the industry works.What do U think of this show? Good idea? Or exploitation at its finest? Are We Sure Amazon Eve Isn't An

Brigitte Continues To Impress

amazing and quite youthful at last night's Vertu mobile phone launch in London.Whatever she had done, it was definitely worth the $$$.[Image via WENN.]

Christy Turlington Makes Directorial Debut

in four different countries: Tanzania, Guatemala, bangladesh and the United States.The film is premiering next week at Village East Cinemas as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. Not only does Turlington narrate the film, but she did this film on top of pursuing her masters in public health at Columb

5 Year Old Katie Is The New Tavi

ild movement happening in fashion right now". Basically they're talking about you, Tavi.At least Katie's a lot cuter and more put together than Grandma Tavi.What do U think of the child blogging phenomenon???[Image via Racked.] Kelly Tries To Sexy It UpGet In Bed With Edward & JacobWhere's The Fash

A Peek Into The Victoria's Secret Casting Call

ena.Watch the clip (above) to see if any of those girls are Angel worthy. Models Towered Over The Runway At McQueenGeorgia May And Her Gap On Vogue UKPaulina Remembers Her Glory DaysClaudia Still Works For CoversNo More Protruding Bones For German Mag, Brigitte Posted: October 7, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Charge Your Phone At Glastonbury With A T-Shirt???

Yep, it's true!UK mobile phone provider Orange is testing out a new t-shirt this weekend, one they say charge cell phones with sound frequencies.Really.The prototypes will debut on site at the Glastonbury Festival where testing will be going on all weekend long.If U try it out, we wanna see![Image c

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