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51 Surgeries To Look Like That?!?

k by how familiar it was. I know some people will find it hard to understand why I have put myself through so much surgery, but by then the visions had become even more powerful, I decided to remodel my face so I looked like a modern version of Nefertiti. It was a way of allowing that part of my per

11 Year Old girl Has The Smelliest Shoes In The US!

Ewwww!Trinette Robinson, an 11 year old from Connecticut, has been inducted into Odor-Eaters "Hall of Fumes" for having the smelliest sneaker in the country.Quite an achievement for a pre-tween.As part of her "prize" the youngin' received $2,500 cash, an all-expenses-paid trip to New York and of cou

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Zoe's A Hit For QVC

Should we be surprised? Or was this expected?Some pieces from Rachel Zoe's Fall collection for QVC has already sold out. The first two items to go were a leather cascade-front jacket and a peacock print scarf.Congrats?[Image via WENN.] Don't Buy Vivienne Westwood's Clothes!Watch A Deleted Scene From

A Great Way For Diabetics To Accessorize

have to use insulin pumps.Forget about having to find a place on your body to strap the insulin pump to. Instead, you can incorporate it into your daily outfits.The start-up company has currently created a line for women which features cute necklaces and accessories which cleverly hide the insulin

2012 Will Be The Year Of Tangerine Tango

magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy."Wow. girlfriend knows her adjectives!

A Sneak Peek At Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Mini Collection

ber 13th, but when it does shoppers can expect to find sizes ranging from 6 months to 16Y.Hopefully this launch will be less chaotic and problematic as Missoni.

9 Year Old HBIC Werks The Red Carpet

s, but she owned it. And that hair? Fierce!You go girl![Image via Getty Images.]

A Sneak Peek At Karl Lagerfeld's Macy's Clothing Collection

orner and now we know what shoppers can expect to find on the racks!The Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse collection will feature 45 limited edition styles with prices ranging from $50 to $170.Macy's chief merchandising officer divulged:"It’s quintessential Lagerfeld but done at affordable prices. It

A 10 Year Old With A Passion For Fashion

but is already a hit with young fashionistas.This girl sews, designs and picks out her own fabrics all while barely hitting double digits!Crazy!Check out the designing prodigy in the clip, above!

A Sneak Peek At Olsenboye's Fall Collection!

ime around MKO and Ashley went across the pond to find their inspiration.Check out what they came up with in the clip, above!U like???

A Behind The Scenes Look At Kat Graham's Seventeen Shoot!

Werk!Fashion's new "it" girl, Kat Graham recently shot a colorful spread for Seventeen magazine and we have your first look!In the clip (above) the Vampire Diaries star and singer chats about! all things fashion, when she's not striking a pose of course.Ch-ch-check it out!And then CLICK HERE t

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